What is the benefit of sleep training?

Falling asleep independently is a skill.  The benefit of sleep training is your child mastering this skill that will stick with them for life.

As a result, your family can expect more restful nights, more alert days, and a lot more smiles.

Why is sleep training controversial?

This is tough... I personally don’t think it should be controversial, but like all parts of parenting people believe their way is the only way and judge others who do things differently.  Some people are content with co-sleeping and laying down with their children every night in order to go to bed.  I am here to provide support and advice to parents who would like their children to sleep in their own bed and fall asleep independently.

What is the hard part about sleep training? How do you help with that?

Sleep training can be difficult because there are times in the process when the baby will struggle or be upset.  As parents our initial instinct is to come to their child’s rescue, to help them feel comfortable.

My job is to help you know what to expect and feel the confidence you need through the process. Every situation is different, but I will prepare you for whatever comes up so you can handle it as easily and as comfortably as possible.

Why get a coach for sleep training?

A sleep coach is helpful because it is easy to get off track or to second guess what you are doing.  A sleep coach will help you stay consistent, know what to do when things come up, and provide the assurance you need to be confident in the process. 

I have seen many try to do the training on their own and miss a step, or make the wrong move that undoes any progress that was made. This leads to the belief that "sleep training doesn't work".

An experienced coach helps ensure this doesn't happen and yeilds the years of benefits that will be the outcome of your efforts.

What is in a customized sleep plan?

A guide that is designed specifically for your child.  Your child’s age and habits along with your family’s dynamic and specific goals will help develop the structure of the customized plan.

What are the risks of sleep training?

Lots of smiles. 

What do we go over in the consultation?

I will answer any questions you have, and learn about your situation.

I will give honest feedback about whether I am a good fit for you.

I look forward to speaking with you!