Rolling is causing my baby to wake at night

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Is your baby learning to roll? 

This is a very exciting milestone. It is the beginning of mobility!

 Once your baby starts to move, there is no stopping him! 

Something to remember is that with this very exciting milestone can also come sleep disruptions. 

The reason for these disruptions… Your baby is having an incredible amount of brain activity during the night because of the new skill that is being worked on. This type of brain activity can cause your baby to wake. 

The other reason it can cause your baby to wake is because your baby has a natural instinct to practice this new skill every waking moment. 

So when your baby wakes, even the slightest bit overnight, he will instinctively want to practice rolling.   This is human science!

This can cause a problem because your baby has not yet mastered the skill, and also your baby is trying to perform a new skill in the middle of the night half asleep. Think of yourself… If you are learning a new skill and tried to perform that skill at 2 o’clock in the morning, would you be very good at it?  

Probably not, you’d probably get frustrated, right?  The same goes for your baby.  He is awake although he doesn’t want to be and is stuck in an uncomfortable position.  No fun!!

You may find that your baby is waking in the middle of the night crying because he or she is stuck in a position that is not comfortable and that he is unable to physically get out of. In this situation, reposition your baby to a comfortable position.

In order to help your baby through this milestone my number one suggestion is to allow plenty of tummy time and practice during the day. This will allow your baby to master the skill of rolling and will allow him to to roll fluidly independently at night.

You will find that once your baby has mastered the art of rolling he will no longer wake because of it.  After all, there is no need to practice anymore, and he will no longer get “stuck” in an uncomfortable position.

You may find that your baby may prefer belly sleeping.

If this is the case be sure the crib is empty and consult with your doctor if you have concerns.

Happy rolling, and hang on tight, because the exciting world of having a baby on the move is here!


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