Prepping Your Kids for a New School Year

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Am I the only one whose kids are still not in school?

My social media is flooded with pictures of kids going back to school, meanwhile, we are looking at 2 more weeks of summer.

I don’t know about you, but I am at that point of summer where I am longing for the return of a set schedule, early bedtimes, weekly soccer practices and yes, the start of school.

During these last few weeks of summer it is a great time to start preparing for the school year.  Whether your child is starting Kindergarten, preschool, or 5th grade it is a great help to  you and your little one.

I am team K, 2nd and 5th grade… sheesh how did that happen?!  But I’ll spare you the mom-emotions for another read.

So what can you do to start getting back into the swing of things?


Most importantly start back with regular bedtime.  If your family is anything like mine, bedtime has gotten increasingly late as the summer has gone on.  

The sun is up longer, there are lightning bugs to catch, and we are huge baseball fans here, so our kids are always staying up late watching our Philadelphia Phillies.

Starting this week, though, it is back to early bedtimes.  For us that means bedtimes of 7:45,  8:15, and 9:00 respectfully.

Will my kids complain about it?  You betcha!

Will it stop me from getting back on schedule?  Not a chance!


Next of course, what goes with an early bedtime, is an early wake up.

Now in our house, this step isn’t much of a change, because my boys wake up at 6:45 regardless of what time they go to bed.  However, my oldest son is going to be starting middle school, so he will be getting on the bus an hour earlier than last year and will need to start his day slightly earlier.  I’m sure once I’ve woken him up at an earlier time, for just a few days he will adjust to waking on his own, but we shall see!

For kids who sleep in, (I’ve heard there are such children)  they should start waking at the same time every morning.  This time should be the time they will need to be up for school.  Now I know for some parents this step is no fun, but it’s well worth it to not be trying to drag your sleepy kid out of bed on the first day of school.


Routine, routine, routine… My kids actually always enjoy this step.  Starting school also means daily routines.  So starting this week we are going to be sharpening our daily routine skills.  This looks different for all ages of course and you can help them follow through with these steps in different ways.  

Our family uses a magnetic chart that’s on the fridge.  This helps them be sure they’ve completed all their morning responsibilities.  Brushing teeth, combing hair etc…

Getting back into these routines takes time, so starting a few weeks before school is really helpful to kids. 

Here is a link to the responsibility chart we use in our house.

responsibility chart

Practice mindfulness… this one is easily missed, but makes a huge difference with being school ready.

We use The Zenimal which is a screen-free guided meditation device for kids.  It’s so perfect for kids because the length is kid appropriate, about 5 minutes each, and really helps my kids slow down and be present.  

There are multiple meditations all with a different area of focus.  For example gratitude, creativity, empathy, relaxation, and breath are a few of my favorites.  Here is the link for zenimal and make sure to use my promo AM_SMILES_SLEEPCOACH

Certainly you don’t need this little device to practice mindfulness, so anyway you can work it in that works best for your family will be great.


After making these few things a priority for the weeks leading up to school my kids seem more organized, responsible, better rested, and ready for the upcoming school year.

Wishing all the little people out there a happy, healthy school year full of growth and exploration.

Cheers to another school year parents!!


Your Sleep Bestie,


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