Gentle Night Weaning: A Sleep Coach’s Guide

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As a sleep coach, I understand the challenges parents face when it comes to night weaning. Transitioning your baby from nighttime feedings is a significant milestone that requires patience, consistency, and a gentle approach. In this blog, I’ll share insights and tips on how to navigate the night weaning process effectively, fostering a peaceful and restful night’s sleep for both you and your little one.


  1. Understanding Night Weaning:

Night weaning is the gradual process of reducing or eliminating nighttime feedings, allowing your baby to learn how to self-soothe and sleep for longer stretches. It’s crucial to recognize your baby’s readiness for night weaning, considering factors like age, weight gain, and overall health.


  1. Establishing a Solid Bedtime Routine:

A consistent bedtime routine sets the stage for successful night weaning. Create a calming sequence of activities, such as a warm bath, gentle massage, or quiet reading time. This routine signals to your baby that it’s time to wind down and prepares them for a more extended period of sleep.


  1. Pick the Pace that is Right For You and Your Baby:

Like all things with babies there is no one way to night wean.  There are 2 basic approaches:  cold turkey and gradual.

Cold Turkey: This approach is more abrupt but makes for a shorter process.  If you plan to eliminate night feeds using the cold turkey approach it is very important that you have the confidence and mindset to follow through.  What I mean by this is:  This is something where it is imperative that you follow through.  Most important thing to avoid is offering a feed as a “last resort”.  If this happens progress will most surely be delayed because your baby has now gotten the message that they will get the feed, they just have to persist.  It’s almost like you are unintentionally building your baby’s stamina to persist.

Gradual:  This approach involves offering less and less at night time over the course of about 5-10 night depending on how much your baby is consuming overnight. For example: If your baby is having 2 feeds and you would like to eliminate both you will gradually decrease how much you are offering your baby until your baby is having a “micro feed” of about 1oz and you know your little one can go without it.

Be sure to increase daytime consumption while night weaning.  The goal is to adjust when baby is consuming in a 24 hour period, not how much they are consuming.


  1. Encouraging Self-Soothing Techniques:

Teach your baby self-soothing techniques to promote independent sleep. This might involve introducing a lovey that you offer when it’s time to comfort to provide reassurance during the night (always taking the lovey with you until your baby is old enough to have a lovey in the crib with them).  Encourage your baby to fall asleep without relying on something that your baby cannot do on their own.


  1. Responding with Comfort:

During the night weaning process, be attuned to your baby’s needs and respond with comfort instead of immediately offering a feeding. Comforting touches, gentle shushing, or a reassuring presence can help your baby feel secure without relying on feeding as the primary source of comfort.  


  1. Consistency Is Key:

Consistency is crucial for successful night weaning. Establish a clear plan and stick to it. Consistent bedtime routines, response strategies, and feeding schedules help your baby understand and adapt to the changes.


  1. Partnering with Parents:

As a sleep coach, collaborate closely with parents to create a customized night weaning plan that aligns with their parenting style and their baby’s needs. Provide guidance, support, and reassurance throughout the process, acknowledging that every baby is unique and may respond differently.


Night weaning is a transformative journey that requires patience, understanding, and a commitment to promoting healthy sleep habits. As a sleep coach, you play a vital role in empowering parents to navigate this process with confidence, ultimately leading to restful nights for the entire family.

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