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I help moms guide their babies to be well-rested and happy.

My customized and proven sleep training methods are gentle, simple and work faster than you’d think. Just give me a week and you’ll see big progress or your money back.


70+ 5 star reviews

Some common issues I help address:

  • Your baby won’t stay asleep longer than an hour or two at a time. 
  • Your baby won’t fall asleep unless being held or rocked. 
  • You’re getting concerned the lack of sleep could be affecting proper development.
  • Your patience is at an all time low. You and your partner snap at each other more than usual.
  • You’re getting all kinds of different and conflicting advice on what to do, but nothing seems quite right.
  • You want to do the right thing for your baby and family, but feel confused, overwhelmed, and exhausted. It’s hard to research or try to decide what to do.

Lack of proper sleep for you and your baby is more than just uncomfortable and inconvenient.

It can be dangerous.

We know things like patience, effective communication and performance at work deteriorate with lack of sleep, but have you thought about how it can also negatively affect your baby’s development? Or worse, affect safety in situations like driving or alertness to common household risks like cleaning products or sharp objects?

That may sound dramatic, but why deal with any of it when you don’t need to?

Don’t worry. There is hope.

I went through the same thing as do most young parents. There is a solution to all of your problems. The gentle power of sleep training.

A Sleep Miracle: How Ann Marie Transformed Our Baby’s Sleep in Just 24 Hours

My son was 9 months old and had only slept through the night a handful of times. My husband and I tried what felt like everything to progress his sleeping habits (adjusting naps, feeding him more, letting him cry it out), but nothing worked. We were skeptical to reach out for help since we successfully sleep trained our first and we didn’t think someone would see something different that we were missing, but after another sleepless night I woke up and reached out to Ann Marie based on a recommendation from a friend. Ann Marie made time to consult with me immediately and after only 24 hours, our son was a different overnight baby. Ann Marie opened our eyes to the fact that the timing of our son’s day was off and a shift in his schedule had him sleeping through the night after only 2 days. We traveled after a week of this new schedule and she prepared us that he may regress again, but he did absolutely wonderful. Most nights he is sleeping 11-12 hours. My only regret is not reaching out sooner.

- Diana Tiede

Properly administered sleep training can provide the following:

  • Your baby can get on a sleeping schedule, sleeping through the night consistently.
  • Your baby can begin to fall asleep on their own. 
  • You can feel secure sleep training is not only SAFE, but a good thing to do for your baby and family
  • You can ensure your baby is getting enough sleep for proper development
  • You can set your baby up for a lifetime of a better relationship with sleep

There is one catch.

Sleep training is not one size fits all.

Babies are different. Parents are different. Houses are different. Schedules are different. All of these elements can affect the optimal way to approach sleep training. 

This is why you may not have seen the results you hope for with past attempts. Or why advice feels so confusing or conflicting. 

This is exactly why I started AM Smiles. My experience with hundreds of families has given me the tool set to be able to help guide any family in any situation.

Ann Marie’s Sleep Program: A Game-Changer for My 7-Month-Old

Ann Marie was seriously a life (and sleep) saver!! When I reached out to her about her program, my 7 month old daughter was waking up multiple times a night. She wouldn’t fall asleep on her own, and her naps were all over the place. Ann Marie was so caring and listened to all of my concerns and helped me to decide the best route to take. She immediately sent over the sleep plan and was always right there when I had questions. Within about three days, my daughter was sleeping through the night consistently, falling asleep on her own, and on a consistent set schedule for her naps as well! I am well rested and so is my daughter! I can confidently say that Ann Marie’s sleep program is 100% worth it.

- Hailey Gragg


From actual clients of mine.

This is why I do this. When I hear things like this it fulfills me and energizes me to find the next mom I can help! (I hope it’s you)


“For anyone who is considering sleep training….DO IT!”

Three years ago, as a brand new mom, I was sleep deprived and needed help understanding what to do to help my baby girl sleep. I was desperate to find someone to tell me what to do for her…and for me! I needed someone I could trust.

I had heard babies could “cry it out” to learn how to sleep, but I was scared of hurting her. Ann Marie was the best friend and coach throughout the entire experience—she taught me the safest, most gentle, and most effective method for teaching a baby to sleep through the night.

At the time, she had already sleep trained two of her own babies. I knew I could count on her to be sensitive to a tired new mom, but also give me the gentle push I needed to be strong. She was always available when I had questions, and she always made me feel and believe I was the expert on my own baby. She guided me through the process with support, patience, and expertise. I came back to her earlier this year for the same help with my son. I’m so glad my entire house now sleeps through the night and wakes up happy (most of the time ;-).

For anyone who is considering sleep training….DO IT! And for anyone who is considering hiring a helping hand who is also a mom and was once in the same, sinking ship….I mean boat…call Ann Marie!

Carissa E.

“AM works miracles!”

I was amazed that in just 1-2 weeks, my son was (finally) sleeping through the night! Ann Marie took as much time as needed to fully discuss everything I’ve tried to improve nighttime sleep, what seemed to work/not work, my baby’s little personality (querks, likes and dislikes J), nighttime routine, diet, etc. What I loved best was how extremely sweet, patient and positive Ann Marie remained throughout the entire process. She really took the time to go over all questions (I had a million), concerns, worries, and helpful mama tips. She’s the best and does not disappoint – 5  STARS!!! 

Lulu E.

“Desperate for a solution I called AM, and she was exactly what I needed”

In 2014 I became a mother for  the first time. After a wonderful maternity leave with my daughter I felt ready and excited to resume my job as an attorney at a busy law firm, but there was one huge  problem. Just 2 weeks before I was scheduled to return to work, my daughter, then 5 months old, suddenly began refusing naps, and wanting to be held and rocked to fall asleep at night. Finding myself frantically running my daughter around my neighborhood in the stroller just to get her to take a short nap, I felt stressed about how I would be able to resume long hours at the office with a baby at home who wasn’t sleeping. Desperate for a solution I consulted Annmarie, and she was exactly what I needed to get things on track. She gave me the knowledge and emotional support I needed to effectively sleep train my daughter in just 3 days! My husband and I still believe the training was one of the best things we did for our daughter, who is  a healthy sleeper to this day. We used the methods we learned from Annmarie when our second daughter came along, and are now a happy and rested family of 4. I can not recommend Annmarie enough!

Sabrina K.

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Restful Nights Achieved: Anne Marie’s Guidance for Our 9-Month-Old

Anne Marie was fantastic! Being held accountable for tracking his sleep was what my husband and I needed to help kickstart our sons sleep training. Our 9mo is finally sleeping through the night and it was so much easier that we’d thought it would be!

- Brittany Kolman Cybulski

Confidence in Sleep: My High Recommendation for Ann Marie

My wife and I were skeptical of hiring a sleep consultant and spoke with many before we came across Ann Marie. She was absolutely incredible with us and our 3 month old son. She was over the top patient, caring and flexible with our schedule! Before Ann Marie we were sleeping max three hour shift, then every 45 mins or so. After a few days with a planned schedule and routine she developed, we saw amazing progress. Our son began to sleep nearly 10-11 hours at a time and completely changed our lives. Ann Marie was readily available to us 24/7 for any questions we had. We were able to text her with different scenarios and play by plays of our nap/eating schedules that varied daily and she would respond with tailored advice and plan. We highly recommend Ann Marie!!! She goes above and beyond for her clients and we gained a great friend during our time together!

- Kate Thomas Hegedus