Don’t let Halloween spook your baby’s sleep schedule

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Halloween is just around the graveyard.. I mean corner 😉

I don’t know about your family, but this is my kids’ favorite holiday.  They get to stay up late and eat candy..  what could be better?  And yes.. You read that correctly.  They stay up late trick or treating.  

My stance on Halloween and staying up past bedtime is the same as how I feel about other events that go on past bedtime.  I think I mentioned a late night block party we had last month.  Anyway… these types of events do not need to be missed, and there is not one correct way to handle them. 

I know it’s cliche, but no two families are the same and no two kids are the same.  Some kids simply cannot handle staying up past their bedtime.  They can’t fall asleep, they wake up all night long and are miserable for up to a week after the “late night”.  It’s like the never ending child hang over.  

If you have one of these kids, then you participate in the halloween activities until about 20 minutes before bedtime.  I would give your child a heads up about this, as clear expectations are always important to a little one.  Wrap it up in enough time to get home and have a normal bedtime routine and enjoy the rest of the spooky night with your significant other on the couch.  AND remember, put your halloween candy in a bowl by your front door in order to avoid your door bell ringing once your little one is in dreamland!

If you have a kid who can handle a late night, then party on!  Let your kid(s) run through the neighborhood with their friends and trick or treat until the outside lights go out (thats the code in our neighborhood).  My guess is that they will not sleep in the next day, because, well, kid/baby sleep just isn’t that logical.  

OR… you have a family like mine, 2 kids can handle staying up past bedtime and 1 cannot.  In this case we divide and conquer.  One of us will stay out and let the older 2 trick or treat until their hearts’ content, and the other will take our little guy (who starts begging for bed at 8pm sharp).  After all, it would be insane to keep a child out who is ASKING to go to sleep!

Last but not least, is a family who has a child who can handle staying out late and one baby, who will happily sleep in the stroller as big bro or sis is raking in the candy.  In this situation it is all about being a prepared mama!  I’m sure you will have your baby in an adorable little halloween costume, take some pics, and even let your baby go to the door once or twice, but once all the photo ops are done, take that costume off.  If you are planning to have your baby fall asleep in the stroller and ideally transfer him/her right into the crib to sleep for the rest of the night, you want your baby in jammies BEFORE they fall asleep.  You do not want to be taking your baby out of a pumpkin costume after they have fallen asleep. And of course, be prepared with a fresh diaper and bottle, or think ahead for where you may nurse while on the go.  

Most importantly…enjoy!  If your little one’s sleep gets a little off because of halloween it is OK.  Read that again, it is OK!

The key about something like this is being aware that things got off track and getting back on track asap.  You don’t want a late bedtime to become the new normal!

Enjoy this really fun holiday with your little ones, and please use the link below to find me on facebook and share your halloween costumes pics.  Little kids in halloween costumes are my favorite!!

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