Creating a Sleep Friendly Environment in your Baby’s Nursery

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So you’re ready to start the sleep training process.. or maybe you’re not.  Maybe you are happy with the stretches of sleep your baby is already doing, or maybe  you have one of those unicorn babies who was a sleep champion right out of the womb (please be kind and do not brag to friends if this is you!)  OR none of the above, you have a toddler who is sleeping in his own nursery, or you have a toddler who is room-sharing with you.


Regardless of the sleeping arrangements in your house, something that is a must for all families in order for all to be getting adequate, or better yet, great restorative sleep is creating a sleep friendly environment.  As you read through them you may think they are all pretty basic, but surprisingly these 4 “musts” are so commonly left out.

  • Darkness.  Darkness promotes the release of melatonin, the glorious sleep inducing hormone.  We love melatonin and don’t want anything to stand in its way from running through your little one’s body!  Little ones under the age of 2 won’t be afraid of the dark so there really shouldn’t be any need for a night light.  Darkness is also a great sleep association.  Turning off the light should definitely be a part of your bedtime routine. 
  • White noise.  White noise is so important for a number of reasons.  It mimics what your baby heard while in utero.  For this reason white noise is very comforting to your baby.  White noise also drowns out environmental noises that may interrupt their sleep (i.e. dog bark, doorbell, tv etc…)  white noise also helps your baby sleep longer.  It sounds crazy, but silence can be quite startling to a baby when going in and out of sleep cycles.  

**Personal Connection**

{I remember one night when my youngest son, who was 3.5 at the time was soundly sleeping through a thunderstorm.  We are talking booming thunder and crazy lightning bolts lighting up the sky.  I was amazed that it didn’t wake any of my boys up.  After the noisy thunderstorm was over we very briefly lost electricity.  Within moments my little dude was at our bedside informing us that his “sound was off”.  He had slept through thunder and lightning, but couldn’t sleep in a completely silent room.  White noise really does work wonders!!}

  • Cool temperature.  I am  not suggesting that your baby be cold at nighttime, but research reports that cooler temperatures promote good sleep.  We’re talking 68-72 degrees.  With that temperature your baby should be in pajamas that cover legs, feet, and arms, and be in a sleep sack.
  • Safety, safety, safety. – There shouldn’t be anything in the crib besides a fitted mattress sheet.  If your little one finds comfort in using a lovey be sure it is small and you may want to consider removing it once your baby has fallen asleep.  There should be nothing within reach of the crib.  I’m talking about curtain cords, monitor cords, or outlets.  Sometimes little arms and legs find their way through crib slats and it is important they won’t get tangled in anything.

These 4 “musts” will ensure that your baby’s sleep space is conducive to great sleep as well as a safe place to sleep.  So be sure to check all these boxes and get ready to get your sleep on!!

Your Sleep Bestie,

AM 🙂

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