My Story

How It All Began

While I was in Grad school I was a nanny for a 3-month-old boy.  The family was wonderful and loving, however, had no sleep routines.  I can remember walking the baby in the stroller, even in the rain, with my pinky in his mouth in order to get him to sleep. I had to because it was the only thing that worked.  Once he was asleep I would have to gingerly place him in his crib and then pray that there would be no noises in the house while he slept.  Yes, you read that correctly, no sounds!  It was a process that took over our entire day.  The parents were sleep deprived and the baby was frequently cranky because he wasn’t getting the correct amount of sleep.  I knew that when I had my own children we would use sleep training so that nap time and bedtime were short and enjoyable, ending with everyone getting adequate sleep.      

Shortly after my first son was born I began researching in preparation of sleep training.  I actually couldn’t wait to get started.   My son, who was a typical 5 month old baby, was waking multiple times a night. My husband and I were long overdue for a quality night sleep and we knew it was time to start.  Using a variety of methods, we were able to find what felt right to us. After all, no two children are the same.  After just 3 nights he was making huge strides, and after a week my son was sleeping thru the night, every night.  It had worked!  With our younger two sons, we began the process earlier.  It seemed that the earlier we started, the easier it was.  By 3 months our other two boys were great sleepers.

If you are reading this, you already want what’s best for your little one.  If you chose to work with me, we can help you and your child have restful nights, so you can both wake alert, rested, and ready for the day!

Education and experience.

BSEd elementary education

MSEd special education

 5 years elementary school teaching

7+ years sleep training practice and consultation